Pamela Falcon

Professional Singer,Vocal Coach, New York Voice Academy (Owner) 
Coaching Singers, Speakers
Over 20 Years Experience

Are you looking to improve your voice?  To gain more confidence & certainty when you speak or sing?
The good news is… Every voice can be improved.
Change your voice…change your life!
I was born in New York and gave my first concert on stage at the age of 5.
I have had excellent training and studied singing, acting, and voice under some of the world’s top coaches and theatre professionals.
I specialise in all kinds of voice problems (Your natural speaking voice, straining, nodules, alcohol drug abuse, tips for the touring voice)
Singing should feel as comfortable as talking.
I have worked with and trained many Top professional people that include Moderators, Actors, Celebrity singers, TV personalities, Bands, and Coaches (The Voice of Germany, Laura’s Stern, POPSTARS, DSDS, Xfactor, Starlight Express).
Over the years I have continued to work successfully as a singer and coach.
Every person is unique and requires a custom tailored program specifically matching the needs and requirements they desire.
Gaining more know how, and having a better understanding of your abilities brings out the best in you.
Let’s start on your greatest adventure…
Call for an appointment with me.

Looking forward,


ENGLISH BIO (Scroll down for German Version)

 Born in New York Pamela Falcon gave her first concert at the age of five. Due to her engagement in the musical “Starlight Express” in Bochum, she came to Germany and made Europe her second home. Pamela is well known from her weekly event “New York Nights” in the Riff Club in Bochum.

In the first season of the German TV-Show “The Voice of Germany” Pamela got the attention of millions of german TV-viewers with her legendary battle against Percival with the song “Purple Rain”. This battle was remembered as the “TV Highlight of all casting shows.”

Over the years, Pamela worked successfully as a singer and coach. She took part in several professional productions and worked together with artists such as Jose Carreras, Hans Zimmer, and Haddaway, as well as on projects for Puma, Porsche, C&A, & Lufthansa.

Her excellent vocal-training in combination with her longstanding experience as top live and studio singer gave her the foundation to work successfully as a vocal coach and establish her “New York Voice Academy” where she specializes in supporting young artists, singers, public speakers and designs a custom tailored program specifically addressing the needs and requirements for each person. As a result of this Pamela has coached many famous german singers for their music productions, tours and TV appearances. Also included are Speakers, Moderators, and Actors, among them Stefanie Heinzmann, Vanessa Mai, Julia Engelmann, Anna Schudt, Ingo Nommsen, and Reinhold Beckmann.

Pamela provides Presentation & Communication Skills Coaching together with Mara Bergmann (n-tv) for Companies like METRO, Henkel. Tommy Hilfiger, The Voice of Germany”-Tour, and TV Shows with Stefanie Heinzmann for The Voice of Switzerland & POPSTARS.


10 Years later… So much to be thankful for! 

Return To The Battle Rounds – The Voice of Germany 2020! 

See the video:

Return To The Battle Rounds on The Voice of Germany 2020! I had quite a few Deja vu moments for sure… I’m so thankful to have had the show at this time. We performing artists are  missing the stage, shows, and sharing music! I really miss singing for all of my beautiful audiences and friends.

Earlier in my career I lost my voice for 1 year! This was one of my biggest battles… To be told that I would never sing again, and to forget about ever having a singing career. I was told to give up my dream because my voice was finished. I was devastated. This battle took years of hard work, faith and training. I’m forever grateful to God for every note I can sing, Stuart my Voice Doc in New York, Speech therapist Karen who taught me how to talk allover again, and amazing teachers who help me to this day.. Thank you!

Mom…my rock, inspiration & my biggest fan!

I am a singer…living my dream every day…. Never give up! 


As a young singer, Pamela had an excellent training and herself studied singing, acting & theatre under some of the world’s top coaches and theatre professoinals. Among them:
• Don & Marty Lawrence
• Katie Agresta
• David Sorin Collyer
• Betty Buckley
• Paul Gavert & Kurt Peterson
• also: Seth Riggs, Roger Love, Brett Manning and numerous others.

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PAMELA FALCON – Singer, Songwriter & Vocal Coach
Geboren in New York, gab Pamela bereits im Alter von fünf Jahren ihr erstes Konzert.
Durch ihre Berufung in das Bochumer Ensemble des Musicals “Starlight-Express” kam sie nach Deutschland und fand dort ihre zweite Heimat. Seit knapp fünfzehn Jahren (mehr als 950 Shows) leitet sie zusammen mit ihrer Live-Band den wöchentlichen Ruhrpott-Kulteven “New York Nights” im Bochumer Riff Club.


In der ersten Staffel der TV-Show “The Voice of Germany” wurde dann auch das deutsche Millionenpublikum auf sie aufmerksam. Ihr legendärer Battle gegen Percival wurde in vielen Medien als “DER TV-Moment aller Staffeln” betitelt und der Song aus dem Zweikampf “Purple Rain”. wurde daraufhin in Ihrer Version auf der “Kuschelrock CD 26” (Sony Music) veröffentlicht, sowie in die Compilation “Love Story” der Zeitschrift “BUNTE” aufgenommen, wo sie von den Lesern auf den ersten Platz gewählt wurden.

Pamela hat mit vielen bekannten Künstlern zusammengearbeitet, beispielsweise Hans Zimmer, Stefanie Heinzmann, Jose Carreras, Chick Corea, Luc Plamondon, Isaac Hayes, Robin Beck und Haddaway, sowie an Musikproduktionen für Puma, Porsche, C&A, und Lufthansa u.v.a. mitgearbeitet.

Bereits in sehr jungen Jahren hat Pamela eine exzellente musikalische Ausbildung erhalten:
• Don & Marty Lawrence – Voice Teachers (NYC) (Mick Jagger, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Bono, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi)
• Katie Agresta – Singer & Voice Teacher (NYC) (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Lenny Krawitz, Cyndi Lauper, The Who, Annie Lennox)
• David Sorin Collyer – Singer, Actor & Voice Teacher (NYC) (Michael Bolton, Bette Midler, Paul Simon, Billy Idol, Meatloaf, Liza Minelli)
• Betty Buckley – Tony Award Winner and Theater Hall of Fame Musical Star, Actress & Voice Teacher (NYC) – (Cats, Pippin, Hair, Sunset Boulevard)
• Paul Gavert & Kurt Peterson – Voice Teachers (NYC) (Betty Buckley, Glenn Close, Jessica Lange, Anthony Quinn, Joel Grey, Peter Allen)
• Außerdem: Seth Riggs, Roger Love, Brett Manning u.a.
Diese Ausbildung gepaart mit ihrer langjährigen Erfahrung als Live- und Studiosängerin bilden die ideale Voraussetzung für ihre erfolgreiche Arbeit als Vocal-Coach, bei der sie mit etablierten, wie auch jungen Künstlern zusammenarbeitet, um ihre Talente zu entwickeln und zu fördern. Die Methoden, die sie in Ihrer “New York Voice Academy” anbietet werden persönlich auf den einzelnen Schüler zugeschnitten und führen zu großen individuellen Erfolgen.
Pamela hat zudem viele bekannte Stimmen gecoacht und sie auf Produktionen, Tourneen und Fernsehauftritte vorbereitet, darunter Stefanie Heinzmann, Vanessa Mai, Julia Engelmann, Reinhold Beckmann, sowie die Band LUXUSLÄRM. Sie unterstützt außerdem die Sänger der Musicalproduktion “Starlight Express” und die Talente der “The Voice of Germany”-Tour.
Durch ihre langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit Stefanie Heinzmann wurde sie fester Bestandteil als Side-Coach im “Team Heinzmann” bei der TV-Show “The Voice of Switzerland”.

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